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Jim is a terrific attorney. He helped negotiate a divorce-related issue with my ex-wife. He's a good listener and reacted quickly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

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Caring, compassionate, respectful and fights hard for you!
Ours was a very unique case, and we had a great deal of difficulty even getting a consultation with any other lawyer. Jim personally listened to the circumstances surrounding our case and instead of being skeptical he was intrigued. He immediately gave us an appointment to come in for a consultation, and accepted our case. He spoke to each and every one of us personally whenever we needed him, and he answered all of our numerous questions with the utmost kindness and respect. He always kept us informed of every aspect of the case. It was a long drawn out two year process and a very emotional journey for all of us including Jim. He connected with all of us both personally and professionally which is an extremely rare find in a lawyer. Jim fought very hard for us every step of the way to resolve our case, and in the end he prevailed. We are eternally grateful for everything he has done for our family, and would strongly recommend his services to anyone unfortunate enough to need legal counsel.

- Review Posted on AVVO by Betty

Jim is fantastic. He hates to lose. When I was looking for a new lawyer, Jim took the time to listen to my concerns, needs and wants involving my case. He will explain the proceedings of the case in a manner that you will understand. He is thorough, aggressive, and quick to respond. If you are going through a tough divorce Jim is the lawyer you want. He will fight for your best interest.

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Dedicated and intuitive -
Mr Quinn took the time to personally get to know each and every one of us involved in our very difficult case. He connected with each of us. I felt like we were more than just clients. He went above and beyond to make sure that we all had all the information needed to make very informed decisions about our case. He is an exceptional lawyer and he cares. I would recommend you put Jim to work for you in your time of need. You will not regret it.

- Review Posted on AVVO by Barbara

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Aggressive Litigator - Mr. Quinn took me by the hand and helped me through a horrible time in my life when all I wanted to do is give up. After a horrible experience with my dentist, Mr. Quinn helped me understand my rights and worked closely with me throughout my case so that I understood what was happening.  Mr. Quinn was never intimidated and didn't allow a larger firm to push him around while still managing to be friendly and professional. I ended up with a very satisfying recovery.

 - Nancy Lease 

Jim is Awesome: I am so glad that I had Jim as my divorce attorney. I was very blessed that Jim took my case after I had a terrible experience with another attorney. He was very straightforward, he didn't sugarcoat things. He told me what I needed to hear regarding my case not necessarily what I wanted to hear. He was thorough and meticulous in gathering information for my case and found out some things the other side was hoping we wouldn't discover. He was easy to get a hold of, either by phone or email, and was very patient with my many questions. He always made sure that I understood the proceedings of my case.

What stands out the most for me about Jim is that he cared about the best interest of my kids. He was interested in getting the best settlement for them. If you're looking for an attorney that will fight for you and your family, Jim is your guy.

- Review Posted on AVVO by Yvonne 

Superb, Smart, Knowledgeable, and Communicative - Attorney Quinn represented me in a divorce case. He is a very smart, patient attorney who knows his stuff. He was available phone/email and responded to my queries promptly. Above all great human being who genuinely cares for his clients.

- Lisa Schuetz

As an attorney, I can highly recommend Jim's services. Jim has represented me on a number of occasions in areas where I do not practice and has exceeded my expectations each and every time.

 - Review Posted on Facebook by Timothy Fisher

Words just aren't good enough to describe him....
A few years ago I found James online after consulting with numerous military lawyers and civilian lawyers. Everyone told me either my case was too complicated or I'd fight a battle I wouldn't win and they wanted no parts of it. After consulting with James he gave me this look and said "I won't give up on you, so don't give up on me." He stayed true to his words, and made me feel as if I was his top priority even though he was working other cases. I NEVER once felt like he lost interest in my case or as if I was put on the back burner. Every time I called him, he answered or called me back within minutes. It was a point in my case where I had been to court a few times and all of the judges said the same thing and I felt I was never going to win, so I called James and expressed my concern and was basically ready to give up and quit, he told me not to worry about a thing, he was not letting me give up and he wasn't giving up on me. He allowed me to make payments when I could, which took a huge amount of stress off my life financially. He didn't change the way he interacted with me and he worked just as hard. In the end, he did exactly what he told me he was going to do. I am a single father who now has physical custody of two beautiful twin girls. I can never say thank you enough James. If you are considering hiring James, I strongly encouraged you to do so without hesitation. Whatever problems you may have, whether it be financial, personal, physical or anything, just communicate it with him and I know for a fact that he'll be willing to work with your specific situation.

- Review Posted on AVVO by Roberto

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