July 2016: Burn Injury Settlement

Amount: $75,000.00

Alleged Facts: Client was at a high school graduation party when a caterer improperly lit a heating element that exploded onto him causing severe burns and PTSD.

March 2016: Divorce - Indefinite Alimony Award

Award: $3,000/month indefinite alimony, child support, counsel fee award.

Facts: Client was married for 24 years and was a stay-at-home mother to two children.  She continued to work part-time after the children were born, and when her husband left, she began an extensive search for full-time employment to no avail.  At the conclusion of a multi-day trial, the Court granted the above award.

November 2015: Auto Accident Settlement

Amount: $48,000.00

Facts: Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck by a vehicle driving unsafely causing client to incur serious damage to his shoulder.

December 2016: Professional Negligence Settlement

Amount: $167,000.00

Alleged Facts: Clients were the first-in-line living blood relatives of a decedent parent, but were denied their rights to handle the final disposition of the parent's remains.  Injunction was obtained to disinter their parent from an incorrect burial plot and to re-inter their parent in the appropriate location.

June 2013: Dental Malpractice Settlement

Amount: $60,000.00

Facts: Client was improperly diagnosed over a period of 5 years resulting in severe dental deterioration requiring extensive restorative treatment.

January 2015: Slip & Fall Settlement

Amount: $75,000.00

Facts: Client was directed by an establishment owner out a handicapped accessible exit at night that was poorly lit, had uneven brickwork, and violated State and Local Codes causing her to fall in sustain multiple injuries.

May 2015: Dental Malpractice Settlement

Amount: $45,000.00

Facts: Client visited dentist for a tooth extraction.  After advising that she was on blood thinners, the doctor chose to do the extraction in his office causing client to suffer a severe post-surgical bleed.

March 2019: Pedestrian Auto Accident

Amount (Jury Verdict): $105,000.00

Facts: Client was walking through a parking lot when a car backed out and ran over her foot causing a broken bone and skin damage.

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April 2016: Father's Rights/Child Custody

Award: Sole Legal & Physical Custody Awarded To Client Father

Facts: National Guard Client was the father of twin daughters. While away for military training, the mother left the state with the children and precluded him from seeing the children.  During a subsequent deployment, the mother moved the children across the country.  At trial, the court granted client sole legal and physical custody. 

September 2013: Malicious Prosecution Verdict

Amount: $171,559.00

Facts: Client was maliciously prosecuted when he stopped to take photos of police beating an unarmed citizen.

July 2018: Public Official Misconduct/Medical Malpractice

Amount: $95,000.00

Facts: Quadriplegic client was incarcerated and suffered substantial mistreatment in relation to his medical care and needs resulting in serious infection.

December 2017: Premises Liability Judgment

Amount: $26,926.30

Facts: Client was sitting in a restaurant when she attempted to pull in her chair to the table when the seat, which was not attached to the frame, came loose and crushed client's finger causing her to lose the tip of her finger.

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